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Single Mom, it's time to get back to You!

Single Mom, There is Life Beyond Single Motherhood

Being a Mom doesn't mean you have to give up on your dreams and goals. (Read that again.)

After all, for some time, women have been fed the myth that when you become Mom, you have to devote every waking minute of your life to motherhood and put everything you’ve ever hoped for on the backburner.

But it's not true... 

Welcome to Butterfly, Fli (Fly) LLC! 

Butterfly, Fli (Fly) LLC helps stressed and overwhelmed Single Moms reclaim their identity without neglecting their kids. This company is solely operated by Marissa Cuffee, known as Coach Risa, who is a certified Life Coach for Single Moms in Virginia.

Coach Risa has been a Single Mom for 19 years and she is living proof that you don't have to put everything you've hoped for on the backburner.

Coach Risa uses her 19-year experience as a Single Mom and life coaching training to provide clients with guidance on time management, decreasing stress and overwhelm, and how to be the Butterfly Moms truly are.

Single Mom, you are worthy of

a BETTER life

You can live the life you really want without neglecting your children.  

Say YES to Yourself today. 



Single Mom...

I am Marissa "Coach Risa" Cuffee. ​I am a Single Mom of a beautiful 18 year old daughter and I have a female cockapoo (cocker spaniel and poodle mix dog). I am the Founder and CEO of Butterfly, Fli LLC. I am a certified Life Coach for stressed and overwhelmed Single Moms. I am also a speaker and a author.

In my early Single Motherhood days I was the Yes Girl who dropped out of college because she got pregnant....

I was the stressed and overwhelmed Single Mom who did things for other people, the church, and for my job more than I did for myself. I just couldn't say no. While saying Yes to everyone else, I put myself last. I was stressed, pouring from a empty cup and I did not know myself. 

Then there was a shift in my life... I was diagnosed with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and I had to say yes to myself for change.

As Single Moms, we tend to make everybody a priority and put ourselves last. We put our dreams and goals on the backburner, become overwhelmed, stressed and emotionally & mentally drained. 

When I started saying yes to myself life stopped happening to and it started happening for me. I help Single Moms (Butterflies) decrease stress and overwhelm so they can reclaim their identity without neglecting their children. 

Butterfly, are you ready to find your wings and fly? Schedule your coaching session today.


Company Core Values:


Your circumstances do not determine your destiny. 

Despite All Circumstances You Will Flourish


You Come First

Stop putting yourself last. 


Don't Wait
on Happiness

Reclaim your happiness before the empty nest

Footprints on Sand

What People Say

First, let me say I wasn't sure what I would get out of this program. After the first month of Coach Risa's coaching program, I realized that I was holding myself back from the life I wanted. I wasn't prioritizing myself.  I realized that I was attached to a lot of stuff and I put in the work to let it is better now


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