Exotic Holiday


A supportive Single Mom community with Coach Risa.

Created by
Marissa "Coach Risa" Cuffee,
Founder & CEO at Butterfly, Fli LLC

Coach Risa is not your average certified Life Coach. She is a Life Coach for Single Moms. She uses her 18 year experience as a Single Mom to provide Single Moms with guidance and tools to decrease stress, overwhelm, & Mom Guilt so they can take their dreams & goals off hold before the empty nest. 

Coach Risa created this supportive community to provide Single Moms with a private place where they honestly talk about the stress, overwhelm and guilt they feel without judgement. Single Moms will receive support from other Single Moms & Coach Risa in this community. Also Coach Risa will provide guidance that will help Single Moms overcome the stronghold of stress, overwhelm and guilt so that they can live the life they dream about.  


What's included in this supportive community

Join this supportive community if you need a private place where you don't need to pretend that life as a Single Mom is going good. 

Join this supportive community if you need a place where you will feel like you belong. 

Where is this supportive community?

This supportive community is here on Coach Risa's website. Once you join for just $9 per month (for a limited time) you will unlock access to this private community.

How to join...



Where is the supportive community?

The supportive community is on this website. To unlock access to this supportive community, click Join Now, create a username & password, make a payment. Then go to the menu and select Community Posts.

How do I access the supportive community?

Select Login in the menu area and login using the username & password that was created when you joined and select Community Posts in the menu. You can also access the supportive community via the Spaces by WIX app. Download the app and login using the same login you created when you joined. 

How often are the payments?

The payments are monthly. The payments are automatically drafted.

Can I cancel?

Yes, you can cancel anytime by going to your “Account”